WHOA WATER was created by two LSU graduates, Patrick Danner and Matthew Snitzer, with the help of the LSU AgCenter Food Incubator. Patrick was on the path for medical school while Matthew wanted to attend law school. These two young men had an idea and realized the opportunity so they decided to take a leap of faith and go all in with their idea!

"We noticed a large need for healthier alternatives to sugar-filled beverages such as juices and other various drinks targeted towards children. We wanted to create a juice alternative that contained zero sugar in addition to offering nutritional benefits to kids of all ages. We knew fiber was a heavily neglected nutrient in the diet so we decided to make WHOA WATER truly unique by adding a fiber component to our sugar-free beverage". 


"Growing up I drank juices and other beverages that were advertised as being healthy but in reality were loaded with an unhealthy amount of sugar. With that being said, it wasn't until I got older that I realized the false advertising that misleads children and their parents to choose beverages that do more harm than good. Children and their families deserve better and WHOA WATER is giving them a true healthy choice that is packed with natural flavors, no sugar, as well as a healthy dose of fiber."


WHOA WATER launched in January of 2020 in stores around their home state of Louisiana. After months of work despite difficult times, WHOA WATER is now available in 75+ locations around Louisiana spanning into Mississippi with more to come soon!

"We're very excited to see what the future has in store for WHOA WATER and the impact we can have on the health of kids around the country".

Patrick and Matthew

222 S. Jahncke Ave.

Covington, LA 70433

The Healthy Alternative

WHOA WATER is the healthiest option for you or your child on the shelf! Unlike most sugar-filled juices, WHOA WATER contains healthy fiber and ZERO sugar! And the best part? It tastes great! Try WHOA WATER today!



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